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MBUSC Tomorrow

A Sacred Home for The New Humanity

Meher Baba describes Avataric ages as the “Spring-tide of Creation”.

“Qualities of energy and awareness, which had been used and enjoyed by only a few advanced souls, are made available for all humanity. Life, as a whole, is stepped up to a higher level of consciousness, is geared to a new rate of energy. The transition from sensation to reason was one such step; the transition from reason to intuition will be another.”

— Meher Baba

Just as the beauty and freshness of Spring takes many months to unfold during a calendar year, so it takes decades and centuries for an Avataric spring-tide to unfold and for a new stage of humanity to ripen to full maturity.


The New Humanity which is in its infancy today will continue to mature over time. The signal of its ripening, in an individual and in humanity as a whole, is when the analytical, reasoning mind – which serves the self-centered interests of the personal ego – starts yielding its dominance over human consciousness, and Life begins to be lived naturally and spontaneously through the intuitive knowing of the heart.


Meher Baba describes some characteristics of this new consciousness:

“… the elimination of self not only from the material aspects of life, but also from those spheres that affect the intellectual, emotional, and cultural life of man.

… The balance of head and heart … the head for discrimination, the heart for feeling, whereby it is possible to realize infinite consciousness in art, science, nature and in every phase of life.

… a steady perception of true and lasting values.”

Meher Baba at Meher Mount - Charles Mill
New Humanity
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Love Awakes in Matter Now
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The “true and lasting values” that characterize the New Humanity are engraved in marble above the Centre Point of the MBUSC where Meher Baba hammered a stake into the ground.  Meher Baba called these values the “Seven Realities”.


“I give no importance to creed, dogma, caste, or the performance of religious ceremonies and rites but to the understanding of the following Seven Realities:

1. The only Real Existence is that of the one and only God, who is the Self in every finite self.  

2. The only Real Love is the love for this Infinity (God), which arouses an intense longing to see, know, and become one with its Truth (God).

3. The only Real Sacrifice is that in which, in pursuance of this love, all things-body, mind, position, welfare, and even life itself-are sacrificed

4. The only Real Renunciation is that which abandons, even in the midst of worldly duties, all selfish thoughts and desires.

5. The only Real Knowledge is the knowledge that God is the inner dweller in good people and in so-called bad, in saint and in so-called sinner. This knowledge requires you to help all equally as circumstances demand without expectation of reward; when compelled to take part in a dispute, to act without the slightest trace of enmity or hatred, to try to make others happy with brotherly or sisterly feeling for each one; and to harm no one in thought, word, or deed – not even those who harm you. 

6. The only Real Control is the discipline of the senses to abstain from indulgence in low desires, which alone ensures absolute purity of character. 

7. The only Real Surrender is that in which poise is undisturbed by any adverse circumstance; and the individual, amidst every kind of hardship, is resigned with perfect calm to the will of God.”

tomorrow blue flower trans2.jpg

MBUSC Development Projects

Following the rededication of the Meher Baba Universal Spiritual Centre at Byramangala in 1983, the trustees and friends of the Centre have dedicated themselves to a steady development and maintenance program to welcome visitors and pilgrims to the site of His first International Centre. By 1994 the Central Structure and the three of the twelve buildings in Baba’s design that had been left unfinished were completed and dedicated. Fifteen years later, a multi-purpose Prayer Hall was dedicated and by the time the Divine Theme Mural was installed in December 2019, all the structures and surrounding property were fully refreshed.

Following the installation of the Divine Theme Mural, there has been a surge of interest from followers of Meher Baba in coming to Byramangala for a period of retreat and reflection. Though interrupted by the Coronavirus lockdown, it is now clear that the Centre is destined to be one of the major global pilgrimage sites for Baba Lovers and other seekers. To accommodate such requests, the Trustees of the MBUSC have authorized the following new development projects, which can be viewed by rolling over the icons below.

Your contribution will help bring these projects to fruition.
Thank you!

Meher Baba’s Scheme for the

Universal Spiritual Centre in Byramangala

Meher Baba's design for the Universal Centre provides a home for saints who will have realised the Seven Realities and for a cross-section of humanity aspiring to do so.


The Scheme describes a formal setting for education and training. Following the publication of the Scheme in June 1939, Meher Baba's secretary Chanji described it thus: 

“In this direction towards which the master wishes to lead humanity... these institutions are meant to be the unique “schools of life” for young and old alike, of all classes, creeds, and nationalities and of all denominations in life.”


On the 17th December, 1939, at the laying of the foundation of the Universal Spiritual Centre, Meher Baba said:

“The establishment of the Universal Ashram with external international connections and importance, based on the ideals of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity and bringing these ideas into actual practice, is a step forward.”

​— Meher Baba

Meher Baba Universal Ashram.jpg

Meher Baba’s Plan For MBUSC

In 1938 Meher Baba asked a Swiss landscape architect traveling with him through South India to draw up a plan for a Universal Ashram.  Meher Baba adopted the plan shown below, though changed the name from “Meher Baba’s Universal Ashram” to “Meher Baba Universal Spiritual Centre”.

At the Inauguration of the laying of the foundation for Meher Baba’s Universal Spiritual Centre at Byramangala, a pamphlet was distributed that included the following  text:

This unique institution, to be established in the near future by Shri Meher Baba, will consist of the following six departments:



This academy will prepare men and women who will authoritatively ask the world to be selfless and God-loving. They will use intellectual understanding as their medium for secular, social and international harmony.




This section will prepare real mystics of the practical type. These mystics will inspire others to live a life in which there will be complete detachment side by side with intense creative action. They will also help others to feel divinity in every phase of life.



This section will consist of saints who will bestow true knowledge on souls who are ignorant. They will teach through the medium of experience that the only real existence is God, and that all else is illusion.



This department will be devoted to the care of such God-intoxicated souls as have lost their balance while crossing the inner planes. These souls will be given further spiritual push or brought back to normality according to the requirements of the Universal Plan behind the working of the Universal Ashram.



Provision will be made for those who will most benefit through meditation with suitable quarters and such instructions as are necessary in particular cases.



This section will devote attention to the removal of suffering and ailment in all its forms. It is meant to be the training ground for a group of selfless workers who will learn how to render real and effective service. The experience gathered through this department will be capable of universal application.

All these six departments will be under the direct supervision of Shri Meher Baba.

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“Through divine love the New Humanity will learn the art of co-operative and harmonious life; it will free itself from the tyranny of dead forms and release the creative life of spiritual wisdom; it will shed all illusions and get established in the Truth; it will enjoy peace and abiding happiness; it will be initiated in the life of Eternity.”

— Meher Baba

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