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Avatar Meher Baba’s presence pervades the earth at Byramangala

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“This scheme of a Universal Spiritual Centre symbolises the character of my

Divine Mission on earth.”

— Meher Baba

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The Meher Baba Universal Spiritual Centre at Byramangala is a radiant seed planted by the Avatar of the Age when he hammered an iron stake into the ground where the Central Structure now stands.


The seed began to sprout under his direct focus as nine of twelve small structures he designed were completed and three others were begun. After a period of dormancy and pruning that lasted for four decades, MBUSC began growing again in the early 1980s in keeping with its DNA, the long-range “Scheme” Meher Baba prepared in 1938 and inaugurated in 1939.


Today, the Centre is a sacred space open to visitors all year round from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for prayer, meditation, singing bhajans, reading books by and about Meher Baba, and reflecting on murals illustrating the “Divine Theme” of creation. And giving expression to Meher Baba’s all-embracing Love, MBUSC is actively involved in service projects for those in need of education, health care and the necessities of life in the surrounding community.

The Central Structure and the Twelve Houses 

Dedicated to the Oneness of all Faiths